Elemental Evil Redux

Unrest is growing in the region around Hommlet and the Gnarley Wood. With he armed forces of the the surrounding nations drawn into the Greyhawk Wars, bands are roving unchecked, waylaying merchant wagons on once safe trade routes. Bandits alone are a cause for concern but there are some that whisper of worse things afoot…

Few have forgotten the malicious force that grew to the west. A horde of the vilest the humanoid and monstrous races had to offer began rampaging the countryside. Their marauding accompanied by draughts, floods and fires summoned by a strange cult. But the horde was crushed by the allied forces over a decade ago at the Battle of Emery Meadows and the cult dismantled by some of the most powerful High Clerics and Archmages alive. Some fear that those with evil in their hearts are now gathering in the area, seeking whatever dark power first attracted the last cult…

There are those that believe there are hidden caches of ill-gotten gains hidden by the cult throughout the region and have come seeking an easy fortune. Others seek glory or gold by bring an end to the banditry that has been plaguing the countryside. And there are those that just want to end the troubled sleep of those that fear much worse. What ever you’re reason you find yourself travelling to the Village of Hommlet.


Elemental Evil Redux