The Village of Hommlet is a small patch of “civilisation” in the middle of nowhere. It sprung up around a crossroads of significant trade routes. What was once a rest stop grew into a small agricultural community. Hommlet prospered; trade was good and the land was not troubled by war, banditry or ravening beasts. The area was free, beautiful and bountiful – too much so in the eyes of some.

None can be sure when evil first took root in the area or from whence it came, but came it did. What started out as a small cult and some bandits to the west grew over a several years until a horde of the vilest of the humanoid races had formed around a profane Temple. The dark forces at the temple caused crops to whither and storms to rage. The horde sacked the countryside, pillaging and razing with abandon.

The forces for good took notice and the armies of Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and Elves from the surrounding nations banded together and destroyed the horde at the Battle of Emridy Meadows and sacked the Temple shortly after. Since the Temples fall, Hommlet was rebuilt and prospered for a time with trade returning and an influx of adventurers seeking rumoured caches of the hordes ill-gotten gains.

A decade on and life in the Village of Hommlet has returned to normal.


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